Wedding Dress Report 2011: Top 3 Dress Styles


It may come as a surprise to some, but wedding dresses are a big seller online.  Finding a style you like on the web is the most convenient way to get through loads of designs; and once you choose the one, the seller will tailor it to suit your measurements perfectly.


The Mermaid

Sultry mermaid dresses that create an hourglass silhouette are top of the charts this year. Online wedding dress seller Carish Olivier from Bride_zilla sees many orders for this voluptuous dress style; particularly those that wrap tightly around the hip and begin to flair from the top of the legs rather than the traditional mermaid flair, which begins at the knee.

Sea Princess

The Tea-length

Tea length dresses are a good option for ladies who aren’t interested in extravangant dresses and like to keep things comfortable and simple. The length of a shorter dress can range from mini, to just above the knee, to the most popular, mid-calf. Although tea-length dresses don’t have the bang that ballgowns offer; they can still take your breath away.

Tea Lights

The Vintage Style

Vintage style dresses, particularly with patterned lace detail are an increasingly popular choice, but the dresses are always kept classic and simple. Bring back the graceful looks of the 50s, 60s and 70s, with nipped waists and elongated necks, cascading skirts and highly detailed fabrics. Vintage designs focus on the details and every stitch is carefully and perfectly placed.

A Fine Year