Wedding Dress Report 2011: Tip to Toe


Various trends are making their way into bridal gown designs in terms of cuts and styling. The most eye-catching designs in tops and skirts that we’ve seen  in wedding gowns online are the following:

The Sheer Neckline 

60s style sheer necklines are the new way to approach strapless dresses. Straight, rounded and sweetheart shaped necklines are updated by adding sheer fabric to move the actual neckline to the base of neck, while the initial cut remains as a silhouette. The chest is still left bear but the effect is more sophisticated.


Bony Corsets

Bony corsets that reveal their supportive skeleton underneath are a popular way to redefine the classic bodice that make up the majority of wedding dresses. The bones add a subtle detailing to simple, sophisticated dresses and manage to complete dresses with lots of busy detail by adding formal structure to them.

Sea Foam Skirts

Cascading frothy skirts, usually paired with simple strapless bodices, add a volume to ball gowns. Ball gown style dresses are still incredibly popular, probably because of various royal weddings dresses floating about on television screens; pomp and ceremony in a wedding gown is still very desirable.


Ruffled Skirts

The current trend to ruffles in everday wear has creeped into bridal gown designs too, and not surprisingly as it’s just so pretty. Ruffled skirts are tremendously popular when used to create dramatic ball gowns, with ruffles finding their way onto various parts of wedding dresses like necklines, sleeves and waists, even the entire dress, but especially skirts.

Capped Sleeves

Capped sleeves replace popular strapless dresses as an elegant alternative. It also gives opportunity to emphasize shoulders by bejeweling them with crystals and pearls. This princess-like detail is elegant and adds a sense of innocence to a plain strapless dress, by carefully covering the shoulders without being too stuffy in the way a full sleeve would.


One Shoulder

Grecian style or otherwise, one-shoulder emphasis is a popular way to add ruffles or rouges to a dress or just show off gorgeous shoulders. Styles vary, as you can see from the beautiful dresses below; some seem to take both straps and sweep them across up to one shoulder; some come simply over one shoulder and not the other, some are adorned with florals, ruffles and more; and some are plain and simple.

All of these wedding gowns were found in the wedding dress section on bidorbuy.