Wedding Dress Report 2011: Colour trends


 White dresses with just a pop of colour or barely-there detailing in a different shade have graced wedding dress designs for years; but 2011 sees huge popularity in black fixings like waist bows and floral attachments similar to the following two beautiful dresses. Soft gold embroidery or stitching is also very popular to add a regal touch to a dress without over-doing it.

When it comes to the over-all colour of the dress; white, ivory, egg-shell, off-white, cream and even beige are all loved and widely used by brides. This year, an increase in the popularity of nude shades has lead various designers to experiment with the colour in wedding dresses. Still a feminine and understated colour that doesn’t travel too far from white, nude is just that little bit more approachable and warm.

Black Accents

Gold Detailing

Nude Shades