Watch the world burn with Infamous: Second Son


The new Infamous game has arrived and players can once again explore a unique open world setting using their powers for good or evil.


The game takes place in the city of Seattle and the player controls Delsin Rowe, a member of the Akomish native American tribe, who is classic, modern delinquent, preferring to vandalize buildings with graffiti than to get a steady job. His lifestyle does not endear to his fellow tribe members nor to his brother Reggie who, being the local sheriff, has had to arrest his brother on numerous occasions for his infractions.


However things take a turn for the worst when a military convoy carrying conduits (humans with the ability to utilise supernatural powers) crashes in the local reservation. Delsin helps to rescue a conduit trapped in the wreckage and unknowingly absorbs some of the latter’s powers. This brings the watchful eye of the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) onto his trail. They seek to incarcerate all conduits and their methods are nothing short of brutal.


Deslin now has to avoid the clutches of the DUP – as well as the protect the people he loves. The player is free to go where he wishes and do what he wants. The environment can be destroyed and the player can choose to descend a path of evil or to follow a road of good.


You can find the new Infamous on bidorbuy.