Virtual traveller


This is for people who like the idea of travelling, but shun from the tedious details connected with setting sail for alien shores.

For mere R3, you can experience the fun, the excitement and the hardships of a two-day husky dog safari in Finnish Lapland without forfeiting the reassuring comfort of your armchair. Simply go to and buy an original article in which the author describes an adrenalin-filled authentic Arctic adventure, involving travelling hundred kilometres per day during two days on a sled pulled by a team of huskies.

For some of us, the virtual snow safari will be especially worth the asking price – if the bragging rights are included. Just imagine: you, sitting with friends around a smouldering braai fire on a warm South African evening, and spinning a tale about the silent, snow-covered wilds, about the untouched beauty of the landscape, and about how you came within an inch of getting a frost bite on your little toe.