In praise of Selling Seminars


bidorbuy Selling Seminars are a must. Do not take our word for it. Take this participant’s word for it:

“I attended (the September the 18th 2008) Selling Seminar at bidorbuy, hosted by Johan du Toit, and I was blown off my feet! I did not know how much potential there is that can be utilised by bidorbuy sellers. You are offering a phenomenal service to the public, which I believe is underutilised. I was impressed by the bidorbuy culture – everyone is eager to assist – and I’m grateful to you for allowing me to be part of a winning team that will soon be a major force.

Furthermore, Johan du Toit delivered an outstanding and very informative presentation. Mr. du Toit was articulate, decorous, answered questions accurately, and ensured that the information he conveyed was very well-structured. All in all, Johan is the right man for these seminars. Mr. du Toit is an asset to bidorbuy and I wish him well for his future endeavours. Yours faithfully, etc.”

There is no need to bang your head against the wall if you missed the 18th September seminar. Johan will doubtlessly let himself be persuaded to shine on another similar gathering.

Actually, bidorbuy holds selling seminars on regular bases, alternating between major South African centres. We at bidorbuy believe that bidorbuy is an extremely valuable sales tool for the individual and business alike. Because of this, we are more than happy to assist you in the starting up or in optimizing your own online business.

The selling seminar topics include: why you should be selling on bidorbuy; what products are in hot demand; how to structure a powerful and effective advertisement for your products; how to gain maximum profits from your listings on bidorbuy; what can be learned from case studies of successful bidorbuy sellers.

Be sure not to miss Johan’s next presentation. Keep an eye on bidorbuy Selling Seminar page and make a booking as soon as a seminar comes to a place near you.