Value that increases over time, consider investing in watches


It’s time to see watches as an investment 

There are many reasons to buy a watch – including, of course, the obvious – so that you’ll know what time it is! A quality chronometer isn’t just a functional gadget, however. It can express your personal sense of style, complete any outfit and add to your sense of who you are. 

There’s one other aspect of buying watches that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that’s using watches as an investment. That is, buying watches with a view to not just watching the hands go round, but seeing their value increase. 

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Choose carefully 

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to every watch. Cheaper, mass-produced watches – the timekeeping equivalent of ‘fast fashion’ – won’t really work as investment pieces. Instead, you need to be looking at designer or classic brands such as Rolex, Omega, Michael Kors or Daniel Wellington. 

These watches will cost more in the first place, but they’re also far more likely to increase in value, for all the reasons you’d expect. They are higher quality, and designed to last. Lots of people want them, but relatively few of them are made. Once each model is no longer being manufactured, their aftermarket worth can really start to go up. It’s a classic case of supply and demand. 

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Appreciate the lack of depreciation 

Many luxury items – such as cars, for example – tend to go down in value over time. Designer timepieces are a rare exception to this rule. That means that you don’t have to wrap them in cotton wool at the back of your sock drawer. You can wear them, enjoy them, and still potentially sell them later at a profit. 

Naturally, you’ll need to take care of them, but then again – why wouldn’t you? 

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Your flexible friend 

Unlike some other investments – such as property or gold – watches can usually be quickly and easily sold (on bidorbuy, for example) and converted back into cash. If you’re emigrating or moving across the country, timepieces are also easy to take with you. There are no restrictions on the ‘personal effects’ you can export – simple wear your wealth as you walk through the departures lounge. 

Luxury and designer watches can also be heirlooms to pass on to your children, or give to them on significant occasions such as graduation, getting married or having a child of their own. 

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A word to the wise 

Investing it watches can be very profitable – but it can also be an expensive hobby! This blog is not intended to be investment advice – we’d definitely recommend that you get an expert’s opinion before you spend a lot of money on a watch. Trends also play a role here – watches come into fashion and can fall out of it again. You’ll need to do your research if you want the optimum return on your investment. 

The best plan would be to buy a watch that you love – that way, you’ll always have something you can treasure, even if its value doesn’t increase dramatically. For the best selection of designer watches for sale, click here – and don’t forget that bidorbuy is a great place to sell watches, too!