What kind of lingerie-lover are you?


Every February little cupid swoops past bidorbuy’s lingerie category and stuffs it full of hearts and frills, and this year will be no different. While red, black, white and pink lingerie are staples on sultry Valentine’s evenings, lingerie is a lot more complicated than choosing the right colour. Styles matter, and so do accents. Not to mention choosing which forms of lingerie to go with. See our lingerie guide if you need any help on this!

Pretty babydolls and glamorous corsets top the shopping lists of lingerie lovers on bidorbuy during the month of romance. These desirable pieces point to three gorgeous VDay lingerie trends: The Romantic, The Glamour Girl, and The Sweetheart. Your skin-tone, body-shape and, of course your personality all play a part in choosing which kind of lingerie you should be slipping into on February 14th.

The Romantic

Lovely soft fabrics like tulle, chiffon, silk and satin make a romantically styled piece of lingerie. You’ll see this style most often in pastel shades of pink and blue as well as creamy beige and ivory. Delicate lace trimmings, sheer detailing and feminine florals add the finishing touch. Summer skin-toned ladies look particularly pretty in this trend because of the use of powdery colours that accentuate their skin tone.

The Glam Girl

Sexy corsets, garters and teddies make up the glam girl’s lingerie drawer; all in dark, sultry hues like navy, rich purple and aubergine, bottle green and jewel colours. Animal prints are popular here too but you won’t find little hearts parading across the fabric, instead look out for ruffles, rhinestones, leather and black lace. The cool skin-tones of Summer and Winter types look gorgeous in jewel colours. Autumns should pick spicier colours like cinnamon red, copper and gold.

The Sweetheart

Hearts, bows and chirpy love birds shine happily on the cotton-based lingerie of the true Valentine’s day lovers. Cutesy printed patterns and comfortable styles and fabrics make this look. Boyshorts, high-waist briefs and camisoles are typical. Spring-toned skins look beautiful in peach, turquiose, lime and coral; bright playful colours make the perfect Sweetheart.

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