Upcoming games of February


January was quiet month in gaming but there are some big releases coming February which are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating gamers.


First up on ouEvolve video gamer list of big releases in the much-hyped Evolve – a multiplayer game that tasks four player controlled Hunters with destroying a monstrous creature controlled by a fifth player. Victory for either party is secured through annihilation of the respective opposition or, in the case of the Monster, the achievement of a secondary goal such as destroying a base. The humans are composed of different team members including support and assault units, while the other player can choose from a variety of creature types to complement his game strategy.




The order 1886 video game

If you value a more traditional gaming experience then be sure not to miss the intriguing shooter called The Order: 1886. This game has received much fanfare for its amazing graphics and intriguing storyline. Players take the role of a member of the eponymous order and are tasked with defending humanity from bestial half-breeds. While the game takes place in 1886, the order itself was originally founded by King Arthur who led his Knights of the Round Table in battle against the powerful creatures. The discovery of a magical substance has granted Arthur and his knights unnatural long life and enhanced healing capabilities such that they have carried on their war through the centuries.  Players take control of the knight Galahad and have a range of awesome steampunk-inspired weapons to use against their enemies.




Zombies arDying light zombie video gamee taking the world by storm at present, and are everywhere you look be it cinema (World War Z), TV (The Walking Dead) and gaming with the latest title to be released being Dying Light. Dying Light is less straight forward than most zombie games and is focused more on elements of survival rather than action. The game features a day and night cycle with zombies particularly more powerful in the latter. Players must scavenge for supplies during the day and try to survive the nights.




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