Travel items you never knew you needed – until you got there!
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Passport, laptop, luggage, medication! When you travel, there are a lot of items you need to remember. It’s possible that a lot may have changed since the last time you had a chance to travel, so here’s our guide to all the latest must-have travel gadgets and accessories.  

Airports can be stressful enough without discovering that your checked luggage is overweight, and then having to make on-the-spot decisions about which items to try and cram into your hand luggage – or even leave behind. If you’ve ever boarded a plane wearing three jackets, or with your pockets full of books and batteries, then you know exactly what we mean. And that’s before you start getting looks from the check-in assistants and the people behind you in the queue!

A portable luggage scale lets you avoid all this hassle – by weighing your luggage at home or in your hotel room, you’ll know before you go. Problem solved! These scales are super-light, easy to use and will definitely prevent tears at the airport.

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While it may be small, a toiletry bag is one of the most essential pieces of travelling gear. If you don’t have a hanging toiletry bag by now, please add one to your cart immediately. Seriously! Besides the obvious convenience of being able to unroll it and hang it up so that you can tell your mouthwash from your moisturiser at a glance, hanging toiletry bags make it easy to arrange your items in a space-conscious way, and actually fit everything in! 

We all know inflight coffee is nothing to tweet home about and there are just some addictions we can’t shake off – even when we’re on holiday. That’s what makes the Wacaco portable espresso machine a true travel essential: it’s small, light, durable and can provide the perfect pre-or post-travel pick me up! Best of all, it doesn’t even need electricity. 

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You’ve just arrived at your hotel to find that your favourite (and most expensive) facewash, shampoo or skin cream has leaked all over your even more expensive clothes. Not the ideal start to your vacation! So what’s the alternative? Using hotel-quality 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner? Call me a princess, but not in this lifetime! To avoid drama and dry hair, we bring you the 4-in-1 travel dispenser. Simply fill the compartments with the relevant products, then rotate the top depending on which one you want, and press down to pump out the amount you need. 

A Wallet Ninja is an 18-in-1 pocket tool that will most definitely help you out at some point during your holiday – because the only thing worse than a shampoo bottle you can’t close, is a beer bottle you can’t open. It is also TSA-approved, so you can board your flight with it still in your wallet. This credit card-sized tool consists of a screwdriver, hex wrenches, ruler, letter opener, phone stand and bottle opener in one.  

If you travel often, it’s worth investing in inflatable or portable hangers. They are easy to store, compact when folded and convenient to use. Hangers are great to help your clothes dry or even just for keeping a neat and organised cupboard – not to mention they prevent creasing so you can always look your best, wherever you go.  

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