Trade status symbols for cash


During the fat years you may have collected an array of the symbols of wealth and success. In the lean times, when making the money last till the end of the month becomes problematic, it may be a good idea to trade those status symbols for cash.

One of the best places to turn to is an online marketplace like As a rule, you will get a better price for your treasures than in brick-and-mortar stores that trade in second-hand goods. Furthermore, you can conclude the transaction from the comfort of your home – and do it anonymously too. No one but the buyer will know your name!

On bidorbuy, you can sell almost any status symbol you possess (with the exception of that trophy wife or husband and perhaps a few more): exclusive watches, diamond rings, natural pearls, crocodile skin purses, designer clothes and shoes, expensive gadgets, precious metals in the form of bullion, and so on and so forth.

You are especially in luck if you have – and can bear to part with – any of the goodies that bidorbuy visitors are most often searching for: