Forward to earn


All subscribers of bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday newsletter now can earn affiliate Rands by forwarding the newsletter to friends and family members.

This novelty was introduced last week. It is hidden in the image links and consists of a piece of coding with the subscriber’s unique bidorbuy user number. Don’t worry; this number does not reveal anything about you to anyone. Its purpose is to help us track the popularity of specific links – and to enable you to make a few Rands without doing anything more strenuous than pressing the forward button in your email client.

This is how it works. You forward the bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday newsletter to your friends. When your friends click on a link in the newsletter, register and then place a bid, buy something or list something for sale within 60 days – you earn R60 for each of them. Or more. The exact rates per referred user are posted on the bidorbuy affiliate programme pages.

Your bidorbuy user number, which is now part of the image links in the newsletter you receive, is the magic wand that ties up the users you introduce to your bidorbuy account. All you need to do is to forward the newsletter to your friends and family members.

Then log into My bidorbuy, go to the Affiliate tab, click on Affiliate account and watch your earnings grow. The money will be transferred to your bank account when your pile reaches or surpasses R250.

And when we ask you to forward your copy of Crazy Wednesday newsletter to your friends and family members – we mean exactly that. Unless you have a database of your own opt-in subscribers, do limit yourself to the people you know. bidorbuy does not support unsolicited emails and will definitely not look favourably on second-hand spamming. Remember that your user number is part of the newsletter that you and only you receive. Any spamming (emailing people you do not know or people who have not chosen to receive your emails) can be traced back directly to you. Therefore, disseminate the bidorbuy newsletter vigorously, but responsibly!