Top electronic and gaming gadgets 2021


With only a month left until Christmas, the clock is ticking – it’s time to start tracking down all the gifts you need for family and friends. This blog will help shed some light on the top electronic and gaming gadgets for 2021 – they could just be the Christmas gifts you’ve been looking for!  

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular gadget thanks to its combination of quality and affordability.If you aren’t too familiar with what it does, the Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you stream video, install apps, play music and much more besides by converting any normal TV into a smart TV. It’s also 4K compatible – hello improved movie and binge nights!  

If you love the idea of an automated home, the Google Nest Hub is the perfect addition. It allows you to control all your connected devices from a single dashboard. With built-in Google Assistant, it’s easy to control every room in your home. As gifts go, it’s a little pricey – but definitely a show-stopper. 

Another smart home gadget that falls into the same category and works hand in hand with the Google Nest Hub is a Google Home Speaker. Because it lets you control compatible lights, cameras, speakers and more, it also makes for an awesome gift. 

Apple Airpods are an excellent option for that person in your life who  loves stylish electronic devices or just enjoys great quality sound.  They’re really useful for Zoom calls, whether you’re listening to the meeting or just pretending to!  

The Oculus Quest 2 is ahead of its time – a virtual reality headset created by Oculus (a brand owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook). The Oculus Quest 2 will become a vital part of communication using Meta apps (like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) in years to come but for now, it’s an awesome way to game! It tracks your hands, head and body so that you can physically walk around a digital space and interact with the virtual objects you find there.  

The latest release from Sony is the PlayStation 5, and you can guarantee that this item will be on many Christmas wish lists this year. It’s a hot commodity and for good reason: the PS5 is the most powerful PlayStation Sony has ever made. The ultra-high speed SSD hard drive means super fast loading speeds, while it also boasts a supercharged customised CPU and GPU. 

We hope we have made your Christmas gifting a little easier – now you can shop your way!