Tips for touring Europe
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If you plan on travelling soon and need some helpful tips before making your way overseas, then this is especially for you. Travelling in a foreign country can be overwhelming, even scary.Especially if you have never been to a specific country or have never crossed a border before. This blog post will give you some useful tips for travelling around Europe specifically. You never know... they might come in handy.

Be aware of local etiquette

Some countries are very conservative, especially in and around religious or cultural landmarks. For example, when visiting a church be aware of the way you dress and mind your manners. As a general tip, observe how the locals behave and do like the locals do!

Stay central

Try to choose accommodation closer to the towns and cities you want to explore. Choosing a hotel far away because it’s cheaper doesn’t always work out to be more affordable when you add the transport fees. Staying closer to the city will give you the opportunity to walk and explore more than what you would if you had to travel by bus or metro everywhere, unless you really need to of course! But for the sake of exploring, a nice long walk is better.

Be adventurous and open to new things

Don’t pass up on any opportunity that you might regret when you get home. Doing all the touristy things is definitely a must, but don’t forget to experience all the local stuff too. This is where you will have a proper experience of that specific country’s culture and people. Tip! Talk to people. If you want to know where the best restaurants or landmarks are, ask the locals. Not only will they will give you an honest opinion, you may also end up making great acquaintances or long-life friends in the process.

Learn the language

Learn a few basic phrases that you know will come in handy. I know, learning the swear words is the fun part, but you are not likely to use them…especially not in a dispute with a local (there’s more of them)..

If you are not very good with languages, it might be a good idea to buy a little pocket book with all the words you might need to have a basic conversation with locals. Below are a few phrases worth knowing in  the language of the country you are visiting:

Hello, good day!

Where is the bathroom?

I need ___

I am allergic to__


Thank you

Excuse me

Bring the cheque, please


Do not only consider hotels., These days, your options are endless; you can find accommodation at hostels (not ones that remind you of a school, you can find some really great hostels at affordable prices), Airbnb and rent a room holidays. Ever seen the movie called The Holiday? You can now swap houses for a holiday, this is a great idea if you don’t mind a stranger using your home and you feel the need for a change of scenery.

Trains vs air travel

Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding on your method of transportation around the continent. The big advantage of touring Europe via train is the ease of access. There are trains available in most parts of Europe. Just be aware that you cannot purchase train tickets just before departure, so you will need to buy them in advance. Bear in mind that the cost of using trains is more than air travel but if comfort is what you need, then definitely don’t think twice about buying a train ticket.

How to save money

When touring Europe, there are a few things you can do to save money. If you can, try to avoid travelling around Europe in summer. As this is peak season, prices are higher as most hotels and tourist destinations are booked up. Traveling in winter or off-peak seasons can offer a more authentic local experience; you will also find that there are more specials and promotions during this time. Tip! Use the Flixbus Euro bus pass to travel around Europe if you want to save money. For only 99 Euros, you can pick five direct routes from their 200,000 bus connections to 1200 destinations that reach 24 European countries.

Mobile charges are also a big concern for most people travelling abroad, especially if you want to document your memories on social media and stay socially active throughout your stay overseas. So here is your tip for saving money: do not switch your roaming on. Ensure that it is switched off when travelling abroad. Instead, purchase a local SIM card (keep your old one safe)  and some data. And wherever you can, try to use free WiFi so you can save your data.

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There you have it, your tips for travelling around Europe! Keep them in mind and have a safe trip.