The R18 bidorbuy birthday sale
bidorbuy celebrates 18 years


To mark our 18th birthday, we will be selling scores of desirable items at R18 each during one week in August.

bidorbuy celebrates 18 years

Would you believe it! This month, bidorbuy is turning 18. So young and energetic in human terms, so mature and wise in ecommerce terms.

To celebrate this milestone, bidorbuy is throwing a party and everyone over 18 is invited.

From 21 August to 27 August, every single day, tons of great products will appear on the site. And each and every one of them will be priced at exactly R18. Free shipping and no hidden costs.

There will be an armchair, watches, cooking pots, hoverboards, paintings and many, many more items, all with the price tag of just R18. You will even be able to get bobBucks shopping vouchers (look out for the R1000 ones) for R18!


We hear you ask (a little frantically). Here’s our advice. Register right now to be ready for what’s to come. Then keep visiting and our pages on Facebook and on Twitter. Subscribe to our Deal of the Week newsletter. That’s the way to keep abreast of… almost everything!


We hear you exclaim (now close to tears).

We will tell you on which days some of the R18 products will appear. We’ll even tell where to look for them, so you don’t have to wade through three million listings (give or take a few) currently live on bidorbuy.

However, we will not tell you the exact time at which the R18 birthday deals open.

So, keep your computer, your tablet or your smartphone close at hand, make sure you are registered on bidorbuy, and be ready to act quickly.

In this R18 sale, speed is everything, though a bit of luck will be most welcome.

Enjoy the greatest online shopping sale ever staged in South Africa!


We feel your almost unbearable joy and we hurry to provide the details.

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Keep visiting our pages there. Often. When we publish a specific post, share it or retweet it, and we may award you with one of four R1000 bidorbuy shopping vouchers.

Good luck to you in the big bidorbuy 18th birthday bash!

bidorbuy 18 birthday celebration