The Statement Piece


The art of the statement piece is a plain, neutral, toned-down outfit shaken up with one eye-catching, gorgeous blast of pattern or colour.

It’s a completely black outfit paired with shiny, bright red stiletto heels. It’s a solid white getup slapped with a massive, intricate  necklace. The statement piece stands out against a purposefully simple canvas and by doing that, makes you stand out of the crowd.

Your statement piece can be an accessory like your handbag, but it doesn’t have to be. A busily patterned dress is a statement piece paired with neutral shoes and no accessories.

The statement piece is a  popular way of of looking fabulous really quickly; no need to find a brilliantly put-together outfit, co-ordinated colour and matching fabrics. Pick a pair of neutral toned pants or skirt like black, grey, camel or white and a similarly coloured top, simple make-up and no jewellery.

Now add your statement piece.


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