The Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung‘s latest offering, the Galaxy S5 has been hailed by some as the 2014 superphone. Galaxy smartphones are known for going big on screens, specs and software tricks, and the S5, an evolution of the S4, is no different.


Samsung Galaxy S5

A slight alteration was made in the design; the front is similar to the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, but the dimpled texture at the back gives the S5 more grip. The metal chassis was a rumour; the phone is all plastic. The bigger and brighter screen makes it easier to watch movies, play games, surf the internet, etc.


Its biometric fingerprint scanner has put it in the number one spot of the most secure Samsung Galaxy phones ever made. Not only can the scanner be used as a means to unlock the phone, it is also used to authenticate PayPal payments.


The S5 is IP67 rated: a flap over the bottom charging port proofs it against water and dust. So if you drop the phone in water, it will survive. If you don’t like the thought of undoing the flap everytime you need to charge, don’t worry, you can opt for wireless charging instead, via the S Charger pad.



The camera is clearer and faster and most of the users are impressed with the low light shots. With the fitness-tracking enhanced, the S5 now features a more powerful S Health app and a dedicated heart rate monitor.


The performance of the S5 is efficient, it switches between apps quickly, scrolls smoothly and launches apps quickly.



Its battery life is also impressive, claiming 21 hours of talk time.


The S5 runs on Android v4.4.2 and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Besides the normal bundle of apps included with the Android OS, you also get software from Verizon and Samsung. It is available in four colours, charcoal, blue, gold and white.


Final thoughts:

Even though it did not change much from the S4, the slight changes that were made are enough to make Samsung Galaxy S5 a phone worth buying.