The HTC One at a glance


The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has gained quite a bit of publicity in the last couple of months. There are however competitors out there that offer exceptional value and are a great alternative to Samsung’s flagship phone. The HTC one is a superb option for Android lovers and a great alternative for Apple fanyboys. The phone is well built and quite sleek, everyone needs to take note of the HTC one’s design. The HTC one oozes craftsmanship and it can easily be seen that much thought has gone into the materials used for this device.

The Phone runs on Android’s Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and will be upgradeable. Embedded within the operating system is HTC Sense which follows suit to the design of the phone, keeping the look and feel of the phone very smooth. There are no software gimmicks just a capable device that is relatively easy to use. HTC’s blink feed helps users navigate easily and keep up to date with all the news that is important to them. The blink feed is a live news feed and will also include the social networks you are a part.

On the hardware front the HTC One packs quite a punch. The camera is quite special, although it only has 4 megapixles it is toted as an UltraPixel camera. These pixels capture more light than a regular megapixel. Therefore the HTC one has the ability to compete against all leading phones and take some beautiful photographs.

The screen is very smooth and is capable of 1080p playback. 468 pixels per an inch mean that images are sharp and clear. The screen is exactly what you would expect from the newest smartphones that are available. 2GB of RAM will ensure no app lags on the phone with a 1.7GHz quad core CPU powering all the tasks, the HTC one is no slouch. The phone is available in a 32GB or 64GB iteration.

The battery specs put the phone in the middle of its competitors, generally the phone will last the day depending on usage. Speaker playback on the HTC one is definitely a stand out feature. Undoubtedly one of the best sounding speaker sets on a smartphone. The HTC one is a triumph in design and is a remarkable phone. It is up to HTC whether the phone is a success as it needs good support and better marketing.