The election fever on bidorbuy


The coming elections, fourth since South Africa won universal suffrage in 1994, have prompted the bidorbuy sellers to offer for sale a number of elections-related memorabilia from bygone times. There is a 1994 ballot paper with Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk, Tony Leon and other 1994 party leaders. The ballot paper is on a R1, no reserve auctions, which means that it will go to the highest bidder, regardless of the price it gets. The seller says the ballot paper is “in mint condition”. As befits the nature of the item, the auction is open until 22 April, the election day.

Another blast from the past is a booklet calling on all South Africans to exercise their right to vote. The booklet is a Black Sash Publication and includes a charming small poster by Zapiro. However, there were no takers for this 1994 elections memorabilia with the starting bid of R40.

One more listing that ties up with the election theme is the second-hand paperback entitled “Strange Days Indeed” by Shaun Johnson with an introduction by Nelson Mandela. Published in 1994, the book traces the voyage of South Africa from insurrection to post-election period. Auction for “Strange Day” has the starting bid of R90. It will go to the bidder who offers R90 or more for it.

As for the 2009 elections on  bidorbuy, the controversial buy-a-vote auction was removed from the site. After all, citizens are not supposed to sell their inalienable rights.

For other election-themed bidorbuy listings, type the keyword election in the bidorbuy search box and browe the results.