The bidorbuy business connection


You already know why bidorbuy is good for your business. But there is more to the bidorbuy-business connection: bidorbuy is also the place where you can equip your business, buy a business, or get fresh business ideas. And we are reminding you about this because… well, because the month of May on bidorbuy is devoted to Business, Farming & Industry.

Here are some vital statistics for the bidorbuy Business category, as they stood at the beginning of May 2009:

Altogether, there were 1104 items on offer. Of that, 573 were listed as “Buy Now”, at a fixed price.  Further 469 items were listed on auction, mostly with an opening bid higher (in most cases, much higher) that R1. And 62 items were  listed in the classified format.

So, what can you find in the bidorbuy Business, Farming & Industry section? Among other thing, you can find supplies, materials, tools pertaining to construction, electrical works, farming and forestry, manufacturing and metalworking, industrial supplies and other fields of activity.

The variety of items offered is astounding. Among the more popular ones are generators; obviously, the electricity cuts of last winter are still fresh in the collective memory of South Africans. There are items that we are all familiar with (well, more or less), like tractors. There are items that sound like something some of us would like to put to use, like the laser cutter that can  engrave wood or marble. And then there are items whose functionality only the initiated can understand, like this like this dry ice blaster.

Retail and hospitality section houses furniture, point of sale equipment and other related wares, while office section has furniture, stationery and other office supplies.  And bidorbuy sellers will be glad to buy (if prices are right) their packing supplies in the section aptly named packing supplies.

As for business opportunities, scattered throughout the category, here are several “on sale” ones that may be worthy of your attention:

You will find numerous other business ideas and opportunities, mainly in the Franchise & Investment Opportunities section, Home-Based Businesses section, Internet Businesses section, and so on. Browse around the bidorbuy Business category – you may find your future there. Of course, as always, do your homework thoroughly in order to separate the wheat from the chaff and make an informed decision.