The cult of movies



The term cult movie usually refers to ‘small’ movies outside the mainstream film industry. Some are characterised by limited accessibility; some are controversial or rebellious; some are even so badly made that they became – good…


What is common to all cult films is that they have an active and long lasting following. The cult fans have a devotion to the film and see themselves as true fans, as opposed to someone just enjoying a brilliant movie.


Cult films do not typically place emphasis on box-office figures and mass audiences, or even on critical acclaim. Instead, they rely on continuous participation of active audiences.


It can be difficult to distinguish between the “true cult” following and marketing hype. That is why some film reviewers refuse to count such block-busters as The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars as cult movies. Other reviewers are more inclusive and award to them the label of “cult blockbusters” or “cult classics”.


Here are but a few films that are considered as “true cult”:

2001: A Space Odyssey

Clockwork Orange

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Evil Dead

Pink Flamingos

…and many more.