Take a closer look at jeggings


jeggingsAre they leggings that look like jeans or jeans that look like leggings? Many fashionistas develop a headache just thinking about it!


Jeggings burst onto the scene in 2009 and soared to the top of popularity lists in 2010. Six years later, they remain a firm favourite. That’s quite a feat in the ever-changing world of fashion.


Because they are a cross between leggings and jeans, jeggings evade precise classification. After much thinking (that threatened with a mild headache), I decided to go with the following definition:


To be worthy of their name, jeggings have to feel like leggings and look like jeans.


So, no leggings with fake pockets and a fly drawn or stitched on them, thank you! Jeggings are allowed to have front pockets sewn closed to maintain a perfect silhouette, but they must have real back pockets to give form to you-know-what. Real fly and belt loops are non-negotiable (they have to be there), while the “useless” fifth pocket is a welcome feature. Also, the fabric of (what I consider) true jeggings is a bit less stretchy and a bit thicker than the fabric that leggings are made of.


Mix all of the ingredients above and voila! You get an item of clothing that has all the comfort of leggings without the casualness that plagues leggings, plus all the classic good looks of jeans without the rigidness that plagues jeans.


jeggingsAnd that’s why jeggings are here to stay. They are versatile, comfortable and stylish. They are acceptable for both day and night wear. You can pair them with flats or high heels or tuck them into boots. They can suit any body type. If you feel a tad self-conscious about you-know-what, just don a flowing tunic or a short dress to cover it. And if you gain a kilo or two, you will still be able to fit into your jeggings, for they will stretch to accommodate you.


Best of all, you will be able to breathe and bend and jump.


When shopping for your next pair of jeggings, bear in mind these two tips from fashion gurus:


  1. Buy dark-coloured jeggings; they are more flattering and more versatile, because it is easy to adapt them for night wear.
  2. Buy jeggings that are one size smaller than your jeans size.


After all the praise I heaped on jeggings, I have to admit that they have one downside. Their very stretchiness makes it difficult to keep form for long… which means that jeggings tend to become baggy and saggy quickly… which, of course, means that it’s time to go shopping for another pair!


And did you know…


… that Jeggings is a registered brand name owned by Turkish textile company ISKO, a division of Sanko Holding. That makes jeggings one of the most important Turkish contribution to contemporary fashion… and to English language as well, for in 2011 the term jeggings was entered into the twelfth edition of Concise Oxford English Dictionary.