Swiss diamond pans


If you are trying to find the highest quality non-stick cookware, then look no further than the Swiss Diamond range of products which are available on bidorbuy.


These products are unique in that they feature a surface coating incorporating real diamond crystals which allow for improved thermal conductivity and non-stick properties. Diamonds themselves are the hardest substances barring carbon nano-tubes, and it this property, in concert with a low co-efficient of friction, that makes them the ideal choice for durable, non-stick cookware.


Swiss Diamond pioneered research into the utilisation of diamonds for non-stick cookware in the 1990s, culminating in a diamond based coating which was honoured with a gold medal at the International Inventors Fair in 1999. Since then Swiss Diamond has continued to research and produce the worlds most valued and efficient non-stick cookware, highly sought after by top chefs and cooking aficionados alike.


You can find Swiss Diamond Cookware on bidorbuy.


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