Door mat essentials


coconut-fibreIf you ever cleaned the floors in your house, you will have instinctively realised just how important the humble door mat is. Experts confirm this. They say that a good door mat can trap most dirt particles, allergens, microbes and other pollutants that get into our homes on the soles of our shoes.


We judge mats by how well they remove dirt and moisture. Unsurprisingly, not all door mats are created equal. Some are better at doing their job than others, and the former are not necessarily more expensive than the latter.


So, how do you choose your ideal door mat?


For outside use, go with the mats made from tough, durable material that is not too absorbent, with abrasive or textured surfaces. If you’re fine with man-made materials, options like nylon, polypropylene and polyester are all suitable. Rubber, aluminium, wire mesh and teak are other good choices for areas exposed to the elements.


Since door mats are also about welcoming guests and visitors to your home in style, it is also important to choose a mat that looks good. However, you may not want to go for a very good-looking one… or your guests may be tempted to carefully step over it, instead of wiping their feet vigorously on it.


While you’re choosing your outdoor mat, get a mat for inside the house too. This one can be of a more delicate material, like sisal, bamboo, jute or fabrics, because its job is not to scrape away dirt, but to catch the tiny particles that had escaped the outdoor mat treatment.


And remember: a clean mat will trap more nasties than a dirty mat, so clean all your door mats as often as possible.