Swift reaction


In the last week’s car auction, a newbie won the Suzuki Swift. Everybody else gets a second chance to secure an out-of-the-box Suzuki Swift on Thursday 21 August

The bidding for Suzuki Swift had hardly ended on Thursday14 August when we got a  phone call. Her voice brimming over with excitement, a brand-new bidorbuy user wanted to know what she was to do next in order to get her new car as soon as possible, preferably straight away. Joy is infectious, and we could not help but feel happy for Janine.

“This is this my first encounter with bidorbuy, and this Suzuki is going to be the very first car I have ever owned!” she said. “I feel so lucky!” she sang into the receiver.

A closer scrutiny into the way the Suzuki Swift August the 14th auction unfolded revealed that Janine’s winning bid relied on something more than fickle luck. The records show that the bidding was not only fierce, but that Janine snatched the car from under the nose of another bidder, who was prepared to go the same length (that is, to offer the same amount) as Janine.

So, why did the car go to Janine, after all?

The answer is simple. Jeanine did not have had any experience with transacting on bidorbuy. She registered as a buyer after hearing the Suzuki Swift ad on the radio. But she did her homework well. She knew that she wanted that particular car. She knew the retail price. She knew how far she was prepared to go to get it. In addition, she had read the bidorbuy buying tips. As a result, Janine opted to set an automatic bid. Remember: with an automatic bid, you do not have to exceed the highest bidder in order to win. You merely have to offer as much as the highest bidder did.

This tactics worked for Jeanine. The system matched the next highest bidder – and the rest is history worth of a family album.

You too may get lucky the next time around. Therefore, be sure to be in front of your computer, with your browser pointing to the bidorbuy Suzuki auction on Thursday 21 August. The auction opens at 9:00 on the dot, and closes at about 15:00 (the closing time will extend if there are late bids). The bidding starts from R1, and there is no reserve.

Good luck, and when you win remember to send us a picture of your new car. It should look something like this:

Suzuki Swift