After the auction


In the wake of the  bidorbuy and Classic fM charity auction, it is time for some congratulations all around

bidorbuy and Classic fM charity auction for five Mario Frangoulis CDs ended a while ago. But emails with expressions of gratitude and appreciation are still flying through the cyberspace. We therefore thought it best to tell the whole story in one place and give praise where praise is due.

And praise is due, first and foremost, to all the participants in this charity auction, recorded for posterity on the page aptly named BID on Mario Frangoulis CD for CHARITY of Your Choice.

Then, a special thank-you goes to the winners, best known under their bidorbuy user names: Good_as_Gold, leosun, weesel, maria2006 and jamesbasson. Thank you, because you were ready to give the most; because you honourably fulfilled your commitment by making prompt payment; and because you all waited very patiently for your merchandise to arrive.

To the five winners also goes the gratitude of their favourite charities:

You are most welcome to click on the links that will take you to our winners’ favourite charities. Should you feel the urge to make a donation yourself – do act on that feeling. When they wrote to thank everybody who made the donation to them possible, the Firlands people said: “We do not take your support for granted and value any support that is given to our children and Home. (…) We struggle to provide for our children and hence appreciate any support we receive from the community.” That is true of every other charity. Choose your own, and then remember it. Often.

As an aside, yours truly the undersigned (pardon, the above signed) developed a new appreciation for all the wonderful bidorbuy sellers in the course of this exercise. For a short spell, I was in their shoes. There were all the emails to send. The parcels the pack (yes, that was the trickiest part). The Post Office to queue in. Then more emails to send… All in all, allow me a moment to pat myself on the shoulder: pat, pat.

With that little self-praise out of the way, let us have a hearty round of applause for perhaps the greatest star of this charity auction: Classic fM’s Internet Economy host, Reuben Goldberg. Because the whole thing was his idea. Because Classic fM provided the five Mario Frangoulis CDs. Because Reuben kept in touch and closely followed the outcome of the auction, all the way to its successful conclusion.