Sweet dreams are made of this – bedroom furniture basics


Kitchens may be heralded as the heart of the home, but bedrooms are the places where the body goes to rest, the mind goes to unwind and the soul goes to relax. Your boudoir should be a sanctuary, an escape from the world, and as such, it needs to tick certain design boxes. This may well depend on your personality and decor preferences, but creating a comfortable haven is dependent on certain bedroom furniture design basics. 

Design basic #1 – Keep it simple

When you are trying to declutter your mind, a cluttered, messy space is not going to help – it will only distract you and add to your subconscious anxiety levels. Restful sleep will be elusive and the cycle will just continue. The first step to your bedroom being an inner sanctum is simplicity. Pare down your bedroom furniture, accessories and layout so that the room regains its primary purpose – a place for sleep,  rejuvenation and restoring your inner zen.  

Start with the basic furniture pieces and accessories: a bed, of course (we’re not that minimalist), side tables for reasonable storage, a couple of bedside lamps or pendants for task lighting, and a dressing table with a mirror.  If your grandmother’s oversized chair is just a dumping ground for laundry, the cat and a pile of magazines – remove it from the space. We are going with Marie Kondo on this one – only keep what sparks joy. Simple. 

Design basic #2 – Size doesn’t matter

For a bedroom to be a retreat, you really don’t need a large space. The reality is that urban design means less square footage – but that is not necessarily a compromise. Smaller rooms can be just as cosy, calming and beautiful – it is all about how you decorate and the colours you choose. (Colours can change the mood of a space – so Google ‘colour therapy’ before you get the paintbrush out).  

In a smaller space, invest in one or two really beautiful pieces of bedroom furniture that you absolutely love and keep the rest to a minimum. Limit the number of colours and don’t have too many fussy soft furnishings. (Perhaps those childhood soft toys need a new home?). Only include what is comfortable to keep a harmonious and functional balance of restfulness and serenity. You will know. 

Design basic #3 – Embrace your soft side

Speaking of soft furnishings – you have to have some touchy-feely textural elements to complement your bedroom furniture. We’re talking an upholstered headboard, a few scatter cushions (yes, we know guys hate them), an area rug, a plush throw  – artfully draped over the foot of the bed – and perhaps a hanging plant (they are all the rage). Keep the main colour palette light and subtle for a soothing vibe and then play with pops of colour to add a sense of fun and happiness. Then just breathe.  

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