Love it? Save it


See something you like and want to keep your eye on it? Use the bidorbuy saved searches function to do just that. If you’re wondering why we are making a big deal about this, then picture this… you’ve just spent some time searching and using filters until you found the products you are interested in. Instead of going through the whole process again (ain’t nobody got time for that), you can refer back to the items you’ve searched for at any time. You can also decide how often you wish to get your saved searches mailed to you and you’ll know if new items get added to bidorbuy that meet your criteria.

Really into gaming or are a sucker for rare makeup brands? Then you should do yourself a favour and activate your saved searches for those products you’re crushing on. Keep reading and we’ll give you a run down on how to do this.

What are the benefits

Stay in the loop
Get notified when new items are listed
See only the products you love
Get your saved searches mailed to you daily, twice weekly or weekly

How to create a saved search