Sunglass trends


The hot weather is the perfect time to whip out those trendy sunglasses! There are so many types, shapes and colours that you can easily have one pair of sunglasses for every outfit. Let’s see what the latest trends are; after reading this, you might feel a sudden urge to purchase a new pair.

The skinnys

Not sure what I am talking about? The skinnys are being worn by numerous fashion bloggers at the moment. They come in various shapes: oval, cat eye and round. The only difference is that they are much skinnier that your normal pair of sunglasses. Now that I think about it, they are almost half the size of a normal pair. These are more of a statement piece than a practical accessory. Naturally, the downside of skinnys is that they are not going to protect your eyes from the sun one hundred percent, but on the up-side they can transform a basic outfit into an Instagram-worthy one. 

The shield

When I think of shield sunglasses, Kim Kardashian comes to mind. She recently partnered with Carolina Lemke to release a range of sunglasses that mostly feature the shield look. Thanks to this collaboration, this style of eyewear has become more popular than ever. They come in different colours and shapes, while still making it very evident that it’s a shield. 

Cat eye is back

Cat eye sunglasses are a classic. This shape has been around for years, but it’s back in fashion and ready to dominate the fashion world. You get different levels of how catty you would like to be, from a very subtle cat eye all the way to a very prominent cat eye, if you are looking to make a statement. Go for bright colours if you want to pull off a retro look, or just stick to the classics if you need something to go with all your outfits. Classic colours include, black and tortoise shell.

Complete transparency vs. mirror lenses

Sunglasses with a complete transparent look are very much the thing. Let me elaborate if you aren’t sure what I mean. These are sunglasses that have transparent rims and lenses, and they come in different colours and shapes. Mirror lenses are also a huge trend; the description is in the name. You know when you are looking at someone with sunglasses and you can see yourself? Those are mirror lenses. Popular colours for mirror lenses this year include blue, pink, green and yellow.

Whether you want to try something new, stick to the trends or just buy the style that suits you, we have so many for you to choose from on bidorbuy