Summer 2014 fashion trends


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This summer, there’s a big movement towards fluid lines and comfy fabrics. You’ll also notice a lot of emphasis on billowy cuts and high-waist apparel in addition to pops of colour in monochromatic outfits. Here are seven trends we curated for you…


Summer 2014 trends to watch out for


Floral prints: What’s more summery than beautiful floral prints! This summer you’ll see floral prints everywhere, on blouses, skirts and scarves of course, but even on shoes, t-shirts and trousers. Avoid a floral overdose, though one or two floral accents are enough!


Wide-leg trousers: Speaking of trousers, you’ll notice a departure from skinny cuts. Does this mean your skinny jeans are going out of fashion? Not quite! But you will see trousers with wide-legged bottoms in a variety of fabrics such as chiffon and linen.

wide leg trousers

Tea length dresses and skirts: The tea length silhouette is going to be huge this summer. This in-between skirt/dress length makes you look modern, chic, flirty and feminine all at the same time.


Crop tops: Taking runways across the world by storm, crop tops are here to stay. A lot of people feel iffy about crop tops and it doesn’t flatter every body shape, but if you can pull it off, crop tops not only look great in the summer but also have a torso lengthening effect.

























Tuxedo accents: A lot of designers are featuring trousers with a tuxedo stripe down the side seams. The hottest look is a pair of high waist black pants with white stripes on the sides or white pants (a better bet for the summer) with black stripes. Tuxedo style lapels on cotton jackets/blazers also promise to be popular.


Crisp cotton shirts: The good old button down shirt is back with a bang this summer. Perfect for work, a crisp cotton/linen shirt can also be dressed down for an evening out with friends. Go for pastel shades like pale pink, powder blue and peach.


Wingtip shoes: A very borrowed-from-the-boys look, wingtips are going to be the hottest accessory this summer. Also known as brogues, these beautiful shoes go with almost everything and can be dressed up or down easily. Opt for wingtip shoes in neutral shades like brown or tan with a colour pop outsole like lime green or neon pink.



Fashion trends this summer are all about going back to the basics and being comfortable. No sacrificing comfort for style this summer season!