The 10 best TV shows of 2013
Popular South African Show eKasi


A list of the top ten TV shows for a particular year will always be subjective and open for discussion. Everyone has their own favourites, of course, and will be disappointed if their show doesn’t feature in the list. But for what it’s worth, here’s one list of the top ten TV shows of 2013, based on the South African TV Authority (TVSA) official viewing figures.


1) At the top of the list stands the long running soap opera set in the media communications industry, “Generations”. With an average audience of around 7 million viewers each week, it is a clear winner for SABC.


2) The award winning weekly drama series, “Intersexions” was a clear runner up to “Generations” during its 26- week run on SABC 1 during 2013, pulling in over 5 million viewers each week.


3) In third place is the Venda language prime-time soap opera “Muvhango”, which is broadcast four evenings each week on SABC 2 and averages around 3 – 4 million viewers each week.


4) Set in the music industry, “Rhythm City” is a replacement for the defunct youth-orientated “Backstage” and airs on, scoring consistently in the TVSA ratings.

The Rhythm City cast
The Rhythm City cast

5) Another soapie, this time based on life in a fictitious Johannesburg newspaper, comes in at number 5 – “Scandal!” From mid July, 2013 the show was extended to air five evening each week.


6) The home grown soapie “Skeem Saam” follows the lives of three teenage boys growing up in a Limpopo township as they face one hardship after another. Season 2 was shown in two blocks of 13 episodes and scored consistently in the ratings.


7) “Zone 14” is set in a small township and follows the lives of two families – the Sibiyas and the Molois – and a football team. The series started back in 2005 but is still a firm South African favourite.


8) As an alternative to a menu of soap operas and drama, the consumer rights TV show “Speak Out” began Season 6 on SABC 2 in March, 2013 and regularly drew audiences of around 2 or 3 million viewers.


9) Back to drama with number 9. The show “eKasi” each week profiles a different township through drama featuring local talent and well-known actors.

Popular South African Show eKasi
Popular South African Show eKasi

10) Finally, there were many one-off film screenings and specials which drew high audiences, but the sporting highlight of the year has to be the SABC 1 coverage of the African Cup of Nations Football early in the year.


So there we have them – the top ten TV shows of 2013. At least the most watched shows, that is. I’m sure you’ll have your own favourites, so feel free to disagree! Let us know what you think on the bidorbuy Twitter page, with the hashtag #Top102013