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The beauty of vintage or retro fashion is in its uniqueness and a certain special appeal rooted in their history. Someone has said that vintage clothes are more than just fashion: they let you wear a memory.

And don’t think that vintage or retro style is for women only! Just consider these great outfits for men:

vintage style for men

However, if you are new to this particular area of fashionable wear, better start small. That is, with vintage accessories. Handbags, sunglasses, ties, wallets, shoes, cufflinks, belts, scarves, gloves…the list is practically inexhaustible. Vintage accessories are the easiest way to incorporate the whiff of bygone eras into your look without feeling too self-conscious about it.

Here is just a small part of vintage and retro style fashion accessories for men and women currently available on bidorbuy:

vintage fashion accessories

There are fashionistas who enjoy wearing vintage from head to toe. They avoid looking like they just stepped out of a specific era by mixing fashions of different periods, as well as wearing contemporary hairdos and makeup.

Still, most fashion gurus (including yours truly) consider that it is better to mix-and-match vintage pieces with modern ones. For example, a delicate old lace top will look great with modern, artfully torn jeans.

Ladies, here are some “true” vintage second-hand items found on bidorbuy you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe:

vintage dresses

vintage skirts and tops

The biggest advantage of used vintage clothing is their price. As a rule, they are very affordable. They are often also of superior quality: once upon a time, clothes were made to last.

The biggest disadvantage is that it can be tricky to find pre-owned garments that fit you properly. So, if you’ve been swept off your feet by a glimpse into the bidorbuy treasure trove of vintage clothing, I recommend acquiring some basic sewing skills!

Although they cannot compete with the real thing when it comes to uniqueness or story-to-tell appeal, new garments made in vintage style are a great alternative to true vintage because you can choose the size that is guaranteed to fit you.

I found on bidorbuy these seductive ladies’ dresses in vintage style:

vintage style dresses

As for men, I’d recommend these jackets and shirts from the vintage-style garments and accessories found on bidorbuy:

vintage style jackets and shirts for men

Make sure the pieces you choose suit your style and you are sure to feel good wearing them!

Note: After searching bidorbuy for the keyword vintage within a specific category (e.g. women’s casual dresses or men’s suits) via the search box in the left-hand column, be sure to repeat the search with the keyword retro and see if you’ll get different results.

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