The stepping stones of bidorbuy


Over the course of 2011 and early 2012, bidorbuy introduced several changes and innovations aimed at improving users’ experience. In a nutshell, here are the some of the highlights:
  • Mobile platforms were rolled out to provide a full mobile shopping experience for buyers. The SMS alerts service is a handy tool for bidders who want to be notified when they are outbid. The basic mobi site,, is tailored for lower-end cell phones. Users with smartphones will enjoy the richer ambience of, while iPhone and iPad users can download an app developed specially for their devices.
  • Product recommendations, included to the top of closed listings and the bottom of open listings, have improved the shopping experience for buyers, leading to more purchases from shoppers and benefiting all sellers and bidorbuy as a company.

  • Site revamp implemented in mid-2011 resulted in a much sleeker look and feel, as well as a better user experience.
  • Registration, log-in and check-out were streamlined to make them a whole lot more user friendly.
  • Attributes were introduced to the Property category to improve search and filtering.  Users can now easily find the exact property they are looking for by selecting the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property type, and so on. Category attributes will roll out to other product lines soon, so watch this space.
  • Customer support was upgraded. As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver excellent customer service to our buyers and sellers alike, we moved to a new world-class customer support solution.
  • Blog got an overhaul, with some nifty new features.
  • Banner advertising was introduced for sellers who want to afford their wares additional exposure on the site.
  • Rating page was enhanced to include the price of sold items. This basically amounts to making information already available on the site readily accessible, and can be a big help to buyers when it comes to making an informed shopping decision.
All changes listed above revolve around perfecting the bidorbuy site as a sophisticated and reliable online platform where thousands of sellers and buyers meet each day to trade directly among themselves. As such, they are important stepping stones in the never-ending pursuit of excellence.