Men and their watches


If you haven’t found your dream wristwatch on bidorbuy yet, there is only one explanation: you haven’t looked hard enough.

One of our recent posts was biased in favour of women (it was about jewellery). We hurry to correct the imbalance by devoting this one to the personal ornament men like best: watches.

Strictly speaking, watches are not (only) ornaments. But men being what they are (men), they had to combine the decorative and the utilitarian.

Once they did that, there was no stopping them. With the amount of watches they buy on bidorbuy, men can sport a different utilitarian ornament on their wrist for every occasion, which is the whole point of wearing a watch, right? After all, if we are to believe men’s magazines, “a finely made watch is perhaps the only fashion accessory a man will ever truly need, and owning a small collection of men’s watches allows you to match your timepiece to your mode of dress, lifestyle and personality — all while still keeping your appointments”.

On bidorbuy, men are really spoilt for choice. Out of more than 7,200 timepieces currently on offer, a whopping 4000-plus are for men.

And men are making a good use of that abundance: they are almost 55 percent more likely to purchase a watch on bidorbuy than women are. Look at these figures from the Recent buys section: during the past week, 540 watches were sold, and almost half of them (264, to be precise) were men’s watches. Watches for women were a distant second with 172 purchases.

The popular brands among gents’ watches bought during the past week on bidorbuy include Seiko, Emporio Armani, Casio, Guess, Krug Baumen, Umbro, Graf Von Monte Wehro, Puma, Lanco, Polo, Jeep, Tissot, Hugo Boss, Rotary, Invicta, Tag Heuer… and many more, too many to mention individually.

As for the most expensive watches that found a new wrist to decorate, that title has to go to the Breitling Navitimer, sold for R33,900, and Rolex Gold GMT, sold for R35,500. Both were second-hand. Apparently, good watches are similar to good wine; they may not always gain in value with time, but they certainly remain pricy for years to come.

Luckily for gentlemen, as well as for ladies looking to buy a suitable gift for that special man in their life, bidorbuy marketplace is also full of fine-looking, good quality watches at affordable prices.

If you haven’t found your dream wristwatch on bidorbuy yet, there is only one explanation: you haven’t looked hard enough. So, start browsing now!