Stay warm and stylish this autumn


New looks for a new season 

The change of season is the perfect opportunity to change up things in your wardrobe – and if you shop autumn fashion trends on bidorbuy, you can get a great new look for less than you might have expected. 

The key to looking great this autumn is being ready for any kind of weather – without sacrificing style. Comfort is all-important, but so too is the cut and fit of your outfit. We’ve been watching the catwalk shows for clues as to what this season’s biggest trends will be, and you’ll find key pieces right here on bidorbuy. 

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Love the layers 

Temperatures in autumn can be unpredictable – one minute you’re enjoying a patch of sunshine, the next minute the wind has picked up and it’s chilling you to the bone. Rather than one big heavy coat, get into the practical and stylish layering trend – that way, you can add or remove items throughout the day whilst remaining perfectly chilled – or deliciously toasty – whatever the weather. 

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Take your quilt with you 

We know – getting out of bed can be a real challenge on cold autumn mornings. With this year’s quilted outerwear trend, you can head outdoors whilst remaining just as comfortable as if you were still under the covers. Think puffer jackets and gilets with stylish stitched diamond or square patterns and you won’t go far wrong. 

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Comfort is king 

Feelgood fashion is a huge trend this year – and that means a few different things. We’re talking tactile fabrics that feel great to the touch, as well as items that have a great backstory in terms of being made right here in SA. In other words, clothes that feel great to wear – and which make you feel good when you buy them, because you’re doing your bit to help. 

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Going out again 

Now that the COVID rules have been relaxed and life is starting to feel as though it’s getting back to normal at last, there’s never been a better time to get out there and strut your stuff. That’s why partywear is a huge trend this autumn. Like most of us, you’ve probably not had many evenings out over the last couple of years, which means it’s time to treat yourself to a new LBD or suit, pair it with some stylish treads, and show the world that you didn’t lose your fashion sense during the pandemic.  

Fall fashion colours 

Autumn is known as one of the most colourful times of year – take a walk in your local park and you’ll soon see why! That’s your cue to go big on bright colours when it comes to updating your autumn wardrobe. 

Indigo is big right now – and not just for denim. Alternatively, go green with army-style shades of olive and khaki, or make sure that you stand out from the cold crowd in red, fuchsia or lilac. One important undercover autumn fashion trend for 2022 is silver linings (yes, every cloud has one!) – and these just happen to have the advantage of reflecting your body heat back onto you, keeping you extra snug when the wind blows. 

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