Star Trek goes big in 2013


When JJ Abrams rebooted the Star Trek movie franchise with the 2009 film Star Trek, he expertly combined the series mythology and plotlines with a bold new storyline which integrated the dangerous themes of time travel and alternate realities. The film was a huge commercial success and was lauded by fans and film critics alike. While fans wait with bated breath for the long awaited sequel releasing later in the year, they can soon satisfy their Star Trek cravings by playing the Star Trek videogame which will be available late April.

The game sees the return of the alien Gorn, notorious within the Star Trek canon for being the antagonists of the episode “Arena” in which captain Kirk engages a specimen in unarmed combat in what might be the slowest choreographed fight in film history. Players face off against the reptilian Gorn in order to protect a newly established Vulcan space colony from the aliens machinations. Not much more is known about the story, but it is set to take place between the events of the 2009 film and its sequel. The game will have elements of co-operative first person shooter play, as well as puzzle solving and social interaction with other characters from the series.

Players have the option of controlling captain Kirk or Spock, each of which has an individual play style. Kirk has more of an upfront guns blazing style, while Spock favours more stealth based techniques and the Vulcan nerve pinch.

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