Spend some time with Recent Buys


Thanks to one nifty analytics tool (sorry, we’re not telling you which one – you know how it is, no free advertising), we have discovered that you, our valued bidorbuyers, are under-utilising the Recent Buys section.

How so?!

Recent Buys is a wonderful research tool. Just to remind you, it contains all the products that were sold on bidorbuy, on auction or in buy-now format, during the previous seven days.

If you are a buyer, you will find Recent Buys very valuable, because this section tells you how much your fellow-shoppers were willing to pay for items listed on bidorbuy.

This is especially important for auctions. Past week’s highest bids can give you an indication where to stop in order not to overpay. Do not, however, expect to necessarily get a great bargain someone else managed to walk away with couple of days ago!

Which brings us to another, admittedly less helpful aspect of Recent Buys: it’s so good at creating pangs of remorse for all the fabulous stuff we missed!

As for sellers, Recent Buys is simply indispensible. Use this section often to track how the items you sell (or are thinking about adding to your product line) are performing. Research will also show you what to expect of your items price-wise and what is the current supply and demand of similar items on bidorbuy.

Study the listings of the items that sell the best and at the best price (for you, of course, the best price will be the highest price). You may get some useful insight into what keywords to use when describing your items; in which category to place them; and which item features to emphasise in the description.

Now that you know, we’re sure that the next time we open our analytics tool the Recent Buys link will be flaming hot in the heat map!