Preparing for a cold winter.  


As the chill of winter sets in across South Africa, preparing for the cold becomes a top priority. We seem to have been given a reprieve from loadshedding for now, but experience shows that it could return at any moment – so it’s best to be prepared. Here are our top tips for staying warm and comfortable this winter, no matter what stage we get to.

Get Cozy with Gas Heaters

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding loadshedding, gas heaters are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their reliability and efficiency. Investing in a quality gas heater can provide instant warmth in any room – and they don’t require electricity. Look for combined gas/electric models that let you save on gas while there is mains power, and safety features such as automatic shut-off valves so you can enjoy peace of mind as well as extra heat. 

Embrace Layering

Layering up with warm clothing is a simple yet effective way to trap heat close to your body and stay snug indoors. Opt for thermal undergarments, fleece-lined tops, and thick socks to keep your body insulated. When it gets really cold, wearing a hat and gloves can prevent heat loss from your head and hands. 

Cook with Gas

Gas stoves offer a reliable cooking solution during loadshedding, and the heat they create can also help keep your home warm. Plan meals that require minimal cooking time and use your gas stove to prepare hot food and beverages. Consider investing in a portable gas stove for emergencies, or for your next camping trip. 

Harness Solar Power

Harnessing solar power can provide an alternative source of energy for essential devices. Solar-powered gadgets such as lanterns, chargers, and radios can help you stay connected and illuminated during power outages.

By following these Bob Shop tips and incorporating gas heaters, thermal blankets, and other heating solutions into your winter preparedness plan, you can stay warm and comfortable even during the darkest and coldest of nights – or during loadshedding. Stay safe, stay warm, and embrace the spirit of resilience that unites us as South Africans.