How To Rely On Yourself AfrikaBurn


Light your fire

If you love music, performance art, crazy costumes, weird and wonderful vehicles and astonishing
desert scenery, then AfrikaBurn is for you. This annual event, held in the pristine surroundings of the
Tankwa Karoo National park, attracts an eclectic, eccentric crowd.
That should come as no surprise, given that it’s a celebration of music, theatre, nature and self-
expression. AfrikaBurn is all about creating a community based on sharing, giving and volunteering.
One thing you won’t need is money: there’s nothing to buy at AfrikaBurn, although you could be
given anything from a hug to an ice cream.
Luckily, you can find everything you need in advance by searching on Bob Shop… and remember, in
the spirit of AfrikaBurn, you might want to take more than you need, so that you can share it with
the people you meet there. Oh, and don’t forget, whatever you take, you’ll need to bring back –
AfrikaBurn has very few rules, but one of them is a strict no littering policy.

Off the beaten track

Driving to AfrikaBurn will test your driving and navigation skills – but trust us, it’s worth the journey!
Before you set off, you’ll want to be sure that you vehicle is fully equipped. Make sure you have
vehicle spares and containers for spare fuel and water.
You’ll need a tent to stay in, and plenty of food to give you the energy to dance the night away and
explore the many art and light installations at AfrikaBurn. Take lots of your favourite snacks, for the
drive and for your time in the desert.

It’s easy to be uncomfortable!

Being comfortable takes a bit more effort – which is where we come in. Check out our listings of
camping equipment and outdoor gear – you’ll need a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress and a
collapsible director’s chair.
Remember that while it can be hot in the desert during the day, temperatures drop at night, so
you’ll want to wrap up warm after sunset – if, that is, you plan on going to bed at all. After all, which
so much to see, hear and do, you may just decide to rather catch up on sleep when you get home

Be cool

AfrikaBurn is a wonderful opportunity to flex your style muscles and show off homemade outfits, or
looks that you’ve carefully assembled by trawling through thrift stores, your grandma’s closet, and
other sources of inspiration. To complete your look, don’t forget a hat and sunglasses to help you
cope with the desert sun. An awning for your tent can also make a difference by creating a shady
chill-out zone.
Some AfrikaBurn fans wear nothing at all – whether you choose to dress up or down, you’ll want
some sturdy shoes that you can use for hiking, dancing and sitting around the fire at night. A couple
more top tips: ear plugs (because the party won’t stop just because you’ve decided to take a
snooze), sunscreen and hand sanitiser or baby wipes… you’ll need to bring in all the water you use
during your stay, so hygiene can become a little challenging at times. Oh yes, and don’t forget the
toilet paper!

Getting around (because AfrikaBurn isn’t for squares!)

If you have a bike rack, use it and bring a bike to AfrikaBurn – the ideal way to get around all the
different camps and performance spaces. Most of all, bring an open mind – despite over three
million listings on Bob Shop, that’s one thing we don’t have… but if you’ve read this far, we figure
you already have one of those. Enjoy the ‘Burn!