Six ways to fill out empty corners



When furnishing and decorating our homes we also consider visitors (whether we admit it or not), because we just love the oohs and aahs that keep flowing whenever we are hosting. However, there is always that one empty corner that we absolutely hate. This is the corner that gives us a hard time trying to divert guests’ attention away from it to the décor.


What should go into empty corners? When it comes to corners one has to be creative and tactical in filling them. They are always left empty because they are difficult to fill and when you do, you have to do it right, otherwise it will ruin the whole room.


Here are creative, stylish and easy ways to fill that loud screaming corner in your home:


Plants: They help take up space. Plus, they add height to your décor by drawing the eye up. You can also use the plant’s pot to add new texture into the room. The best of all, plants add a cheery “it’s always summer in here” kind of feeling.



Accent chairs: Most accent chairs are not always comfortable to sit on for long periods, but they are definitely great to look at. The chair must not blend in with the rest of the furniture as this will defeat the purpose. It should be different in colour and texture.


Writing desk: Put a pretty writing desk with a chair and complete the look by putting a writing pad, pen, reading lamp and maybe even reading glasses. An antique desk will be perfect for this corner.


Messages corner: If the dreaded empty corner is in the same room as your landline, then create a messages corner. All you need to do is put up a chalkboard and colourful chalks (for messages) and a desk for your telephone.


Reading area: Create a reading area with just a chair, side table, rug and a few books. Strategically place these to make sure that the corner is fun and inviting. You can put a lamp and a throw, especially during winter.



Freestanding fireplace: These fireplaces are usually well built and functional. Putting one in an empty corner will add character to the room while creating a feeling of warmth and comfort.


You can play around with these ideas and add your own touch and feel to them.