Control your Destiny


The most anticipated online game of 2014 is here.


In Destiny human civilization has taken to the stars, colonizing and sometimes terraforming the planets and moons of our solar system. This exploration has led to economic prosperity and technological advancement which, in concert with a period of unprecedented peace, has led to a new Golden Age.


Nothing good lasts forever though. A mysterious cataclysm known only as “The Collapse” sees the destruction of the aforementioned colonies and the near extinction of humanity. Now the only known survivors occupy a single city on earth which was harboured from the wholesale destruction by something called “The Traveller” – a white, celestial orb that hovers above this last metropolis.


The Traveller also imbues certain members of humanity with an unknown power known as the Light.  Wielders of this power are known as Guardians and claim defense of both the city and the totality of mankind. The fragile human race begins to rebuild, but they find they are threatened by hostile alien races that have settled on their old colonies and are beginning to turn their eyes to earth, the last bastion of men.



Players take on the role of one of the Guardians and are tasked with defending against the aliens and also with reviving the Traveler, whose power is failing.  Players can choose from three different races to play, the choice of which is merely cosmetic. Of greater importance is the players class which has a profound effect on gameplay. Players can choose to be a Hunter, a Warlock or a Titan. Hunters represent the classic Sci-fi bounty hunter a la Hans Solo. Warlocks utilize the power of the lift gifted them from the Traveler, while Titans wear heavy armour and use heavy weapons.


Estimated by some to be the most expensive game ever  made, the time has come to take control of your Destiny.

You can find the Destiny on bidorbuy.

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