How to shop big on a small budget
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You already know that is one of the best online shopping destinations for finding especially good deals. However, the very abundance of good deals across a wide range of products can be baffling! This post is designed to help you find the best deals fast.

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Where to look for the best deals

Great deals can be found in each and every category, section, nook and corner of bidorbuy. It just takes a little patience and browsing skills! Here are some of most popular spots among bargain-hunters:

  • Jewellery: The bidorbuy platform is where you can find all kinds of jewellery – fine, engagement and wedding, artisanal, vintage, ethnic, fashion, men’s – at amazing prices, often at half of the retail price. Just make sure to know what you are buying! For example, attributes such as genuine, natural or real denote true gemstones, while simulated or created (often represented with the abbreviation cr), and cubic zirconia (abbreviation cz) stand for synthetic or man-made stones. Also be sure to know the difference between silver or gold and silver or gold-plated jewellery.
  • Watches: Everyone wants a trendy watch at an affordable price! And you can have just that on bidorbuy. Some of the brands to look out for include Casio, Fossil, Police, Citizen, Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors, Guess, Skagen, and so on.
  • Yesteryear’s high tech: Leave the whole early adopter business to those who are able and willing to pay the premium price. Instead, wait for the newest reiteration of a smartphone or a laptop to come out, and then buy last year’s model on bidorbuy, either new or second-hand. You are guaranteed to land a bargain!
  • Footwear and handbags: If you know your size and how particular designs fit, you can buy both women’s and men’s shoes at greatly discounted prices. As for brand-names, especially popular on bidorbuy are Nike, Puma and Adidas sneakers. Pierre Cardin, Cherry, and Dolce Vita are some of the brands to check in the ladies’ shoe section, while Bronx, Private Club, and Jonathan D may find favour with you if you are looking for men’s formal or casual shoes. Excellent deals are also beckoning in the ladies’ handbags section; among the best selling brands are Guess and Nine West.
  • Collectables: This one goes without saying. Bidorbuy always was and remains a treasure-trove for collectors of coins, stamps, die cast models, militaria, and just about anything and everything people collect. Of course, to get the piece you dearly want at the price acceptable to your wallet, patience and research are required!
  • Big-ticket items: Surprising as it may be, you can get a beautifully designed lounge suite or a top-notch large appliance on bidorbuy at a very attractive price, even after you add the shipping fees (and always make sure to add the shipping fees).

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How to secure the best deals

  • The bidorbuy R1, no reserve auctions are definitely the place for bargain hunters; try Crazy Wednesday, Snap Friday, Flash Auctions, and All Crazy Auctions. If you want to win an item on auction, remember to include it into your watch list. Successful bidders have a variety of winning tactics: bidding in unusual increments (for example, R23.50 instead of R20 set by the seller); bidding in the final 15 seconds with their top amount (instead by the increment); or setting an automatic bid. In any case, decide in advance what is the most you want to pay for an item on auction and don’t let a bidding war carry you away.
  • Many items are sold on bidorbuy at a fixed or called Buy Now price. If the Buy Now price is out of your budget, feel free to make an offer to the seller. The bidorbuy Deal of the Week is also a great place to look for substantial discounts on Buy Now items.
  • Shop around mid-month, when most of your fellow-shoppers have already spent the best part of their paycheque. You may be able to land better deals on auction, and to find sellers more willing to take up the offers you make.
  • Shop out of season. When you buy swimwear in autumn and boots in spring, you are likely to pay less.
  • Always factor in the shipping fees, to make sure that they do not outweigh any potential savings.
  • When purchasing from another county, it is important to factor in custom duties too.
  • Make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller. Check the seller’s ratings and read the feedback previous buyers left. Shopping from bidorbuy stores and from verified sellers gives you that additional peace of mind.
  • Familiarise yourself with the bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme. It is there to protect you, the buyer, under certain conditions.

Thus armed with knowledge and confidence, start hunting for your bidorbuy bargain!

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