Sellers deleting bids


As you may know sellers have the ability to delete bids on their auctions. The reason for allowing this is generally buyers have a choice of which sellers they want to deal with (they can look at their ratings, trading history, location etc.) before deciding whether they want to bid or not). Sellers however do not have this luxury and any bidder can come along and bid on their items. Also, sometimes bidders can make mistakes and request a seller, at their discretion, to delete their bid as happens from time to time.

A buyer recently complained about a seller abusing their ability to delete bids on their auctions. Their claim was that the seller deleted all the bids on their item and then re-listed it because they did not get enough for the item. If this were the case then I would say this is clearly abuse of the functionality. Assuming this clearly was the case, the least bidorbuy should do is give the seller a warning and if they did it again blacklist them from selling further on the site.

Or should we simply not allow sellers to delete bids? Any one can add comments to the post.