Money, that’s what I want


Money, as defined by the big book of words, a medium of exchange, a token used by a society as a store of value. Money, That’s What I Want is a 1959 hit single sung by Barrett Strong. Hear the song playing in your head yet? Me too!

So if money is what we want, why we work, why we sell, what we need in order to buy, to what lengths would you go to get your grubby paws on some gold.

But let me set the scene for you first and then you can answer my question.

Think how sweet it would be to see a bank balance of R50 000 of pure disposable income wallowing in your bloated bank account as you pull the slip from the ATM gurgling mouth.

Feel the notes rubbing together and causing the slightest of friction making each note just a little bit warm as you smile at the store assistant, lean towards the cash up counter and pay for your perfect pair of Jimmy Choos (yeah that’s right, the shoes).

Or wait, what about, with one leg of your cammo trousers rolled up your calf and the other to the floor, you gangsta-glide your way into the sales office, slam the rolled up notes on the sales persons desk (spill his steaming cup of coffee if you like) and without saying a word look out to the parking lot in the direction of the shiny pimped-out Hummer with your name conveniently spelled out on the number plate.

Yes we’ve all fanaticized about it, dreamt about it and in some cases (not personal of coarse) even re-enacted the spectacular event of winning a whole lot of money (that’s what I want! That’s what I want! Still hearing the song then?)

So then what would you do? What would you do for a decent sum of cash? I have my own ideas but naturally if I told you Id have to kill you before you stole my blue-print plans, mapping out each step I take towards purchasing as many pairs of Choos as possible.

But with the Crazy for Cash competition now in full swing, money seems to be a topic of conversation, exciting tea break banter about what we’d all do to win some cash seems to be all we can talk about these days.

After having a look at some of the interesting images and video clips posted on I’ve certainly found some more ideas to add to my secret list of “What Id do for R50 000.

One of the clips recently submitted to the competition was actually pretty entertaining (pretty being the operative word) but the stars of the show are not all that bad. Go now, check it out, you can thank me later. I’d shake my money maker and dance around a college campus pretending to be the newest edition to the all girl group, the Spice Girls, piece of cake! But the girl getting the wedgee, wow that’s a little um… okay, okay wait now I get it, putting your body on the line for Gucci, nice show of commitment.

I suppose we all have our limitations, and there are just some things I simply could not do for money, but there certainly are a few Crazy For Cash things I would do. What are yours? Comment on my blog and let us compare notes, you never know, you could be the Craziest for cash out of all.