A not-so-new bidorbuyer recently complained bitterly because, according to him, it was not possible to search for his favourite sellers on the site.

Reluctant as we are to contradict our users, sometimes we simply have to.

The “search for sellers” has been part and parcel of bidorbuy since times immemorial. It is currently housed in a drop down menu, accessible when you move your mouse over the Advanced Search button.

There are several other clever tools available to buyers on bidorbuy.

You will find some of them under the same, Advanced Search button.  We especially recommend Advanced Search proper, which allows you to practically zoom to a needle from about 650,000 items listed on bidorbuy.

Another way to fine-tune your search for a specific product is to use filtering tools, available from search results pages and from all category and sub-category pages (after the Priority Featured listings – which sometimes means that you’ll need to navigate to the page number two or so).

The filters allow you to narrow down your search by location, by type (auction, buy now, or classifieds), by condition (new or second-hand), by payment options accepted by the sellers, and by warranty options.

You may also sort the results page to get on top the listings that are due to end soonest, the newest listings, the cheapest, or the “hottest” ones (those are the listings that other bidorbuyers – your competitors in shopping – are most interested in).

This image shows the search for desktop computers with LCD monitor filtered to include only new products sold at a fixed price (buy now) from Gauteng sellers who offer a warranty, sorted by the lowest price:

Before you start criticising us for tucking away such important search and filter tools, we hasten to say that we are constantly working on making your shopping experience on bidorbuy as effortless and hassle-free as possible. Our aim is to present all that wealth of content easily accessible and (practically) obvious at the first glimpse.

Still, it will probably always be necessary to spend some time looking around, even if it means having to dig for tools that are a couple of menus deep. It will be worth your while.

And if you are an absolute novice, this article on How to buy on bidorbuy for beginners may be of help.