Scoping out the skinny jean


Many women fear the skinny jean because of the belief that only super slim people can get away with wearing them.

The secret truth about the skinny is that it can actually work with your body shape to make you look slimmer. Here are a few tricks to help you use the skinny jean to it’s best effect on your body.

Making it work for your body:

If you have a tummy:

Go for stretchy skinny jeans so that they fit you comfortably. High heels will add a vertical line and make you look slimmer. Pair your skinnies with a loose top; empire waist tops are the best option.

If you want to minimize your butt:

Go for skinnies with low back pockets. The closer they are to your thigh, the better. Pair your jeans with a long tunic or dress that reaches the middle or goes over your butt.

If you have thick thighs:

Find dark coloured skinnies like indigo or black to minimise the size of your thighs. Wear a waist belt or embellished shoes to draw attention away from your thighs.

If you have a boyish figure:

If you’re not curvy try to maximise your femininity. Stay clear from t-shirts and flat shoes so that you don’t look like a child. Go for heels and tight fitting tops.

If you’re tall:

You might find it difficult to get hold of a long enough pair. Skinny jeans that just reach the ankle can be matched with shoes that have an ankle strap so that it looks deliberate.

If you’re short:

Bunched up skinnies are okay so long as they don’t produce protruding folds. Get them tailored if you struggle to find the right length. Heels will make you look taller, as will long tops like tunics.