Rob banks in style with Payday 2


Every honest member of society has, at some point in their lives, thought – To *&%#* with this. I’m just going to go and rob a bank! And that is generally were all such schemes of potential robbery end.


But it doesn’t have to be the end! Now, with the upcoming release of Payday 2, gamers can relieve the frustrations of modern life by busting open safes and taking hostages in elaborate (and not-so-elaborate!) bank heists.


Pay Day 2 builds on the success of its predecessor by improving the mechanics of gun combat, and by making stealth a more prominent aspect of the game, even to the point where covert strategies are viable. Environmental interaction has also been upped. Now players will struggle at a sluggish pace when trying to carry huge bags of loot, and can reduce the risk of sniper fire by drawing curtains and shutters across windows. An additional role-playing game (RPG) aspect is present in the form of four distinct skill trees which will allow players to customise their bank robbers as they see fit.


So what you are doing just hanging around. Go rob some banks!


You can find Payday 2  on bidorbuy.