We reveal it all!


In our Treasure Hunt competition, that is.

Over the last four days, we gave you four clues to help you find a listing hidden on bidorbuy.

Those clues pointed to an item that is: an acronym of GEG, priced under R1000, offered by a seller from a city that has some obscure connection with a poncho (remember, a poncho is a sort of a cape), listed in the category that predominantly houses vintage items (the patina of history clue!)…

You don’t even need the clue number five, but here it is anyway: our make-believe mystery item was hand-made by a jeweller who was a favourite of tsars, and tsarinas too, and whose handiwork is today displayed in museums. We were lucky to get a virtual sample of it especially for this competition! Here’s a glimpse of it on the bidorbuy Pinterest pages. (A hint: look for it in the bidorbuy Collectibles board.) A real beef rag, wouldn’t you say? Or was it reef bag…? (All right, we admit it, both our anagrams are nonsensical, but what can one do with a name like that!)

Now that you’ve successfully navigated to the listing, follow the instructions contained therein. And that’s all. Your name will be entered into the draw where the prize is R1000 to spend on bidorbuy.

You have only a few hours left, for the competition closes today!

To participate in this competition, you need to log into your bidorbuy account. If you are not a bidorbuy user, go on and register. The registration takes only a couple of minutes.

Good luck, everyone, and remember to check and, if necessary, update your bidorbuy contact details.