Men’s winter fashion


Men’s fashion on bidorbuy is growing steadily. Shoes and accessories like leather sling bags are particularly popular categories. Visit the Men’s Clothing section and the Men’s Shoes and Accessories section for the latest in men’s fashion.

When it comes to the chillier months, men’s fashion turns to integrating different textures and layering clothing pieces. The following is a list of our favourite up-and-coming trends for the cold days ahead: shades of grey, leather basics and military inspired looks.

Shades of Grey

Grey has always been a popular winter fashion hue, but this season grey is making a statement. A particularly intruding way to wear this trend is to layer various tones of grey over each other in one outfit. It takes a bit of practise to get this right. The hues must not be too close together on the colour spectrum. The trick is to find a dark grey and a light grey that complement each other; and never layer more than three shades of grey in one outfit. The following lookpage is a series of Winter greys found on bidorbuy.

Leather Staples

Leather is a versatile fabric that is a staple in most men’s cupboards. From the classic shiny leather work shoe to leather belts, men wear leather or leather-look-a-likes daily. If your conscience stops you from wearing the real thing, don’t fret, faux leather is perfectly acceptable. Be bolder with leather this season and try it as a bomber jacket, sleek gloves or biker-style ankle boots.

The Military Look

A sleek, tailored jackets with shiny aligned buttons, is the military-look staple. Straight leg pants and slim fitting shirts like polo necks add to the strict lines that make this look; a few understated metallic touches here and there and the look is completed. The military trend conforms to a very prim ideal– just like the olden day military captains. Shake it up with a little of your own personality. The following lookpage takes a few key notes from the military inspired look, but brings it down to earth.