The right red for your complexion


With February 14th coming up, I thought I’d write something on how to choose the right shade of red for your complexion, mainly because Valentine’s day might inspire some of you to look for a snappy little red dress… but for those of you who do not celebrate the day of love, it’s still pretty useful advice for when you do chose to wear red on other occasions.

Basically, wearing red well is about what kind of skin-tone and hair colour you have; and matching the right shade of red to that. Have a look at the lookpages below to find your shade of red.

Dark Red

Think: Valentine’s roses . Dark reds work best on dark-brunettes, but blondes can probably pull them off if their skin isn’t too pale.

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True Red

Think: 1940s  lipstick. Alabaster skin can wear true reds, but need to stay away from orange-toned reds. Dark women should opt for darker reds.

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Bluish Red

Think: frozen cranberries. Pale skinned women with light hair colour need to choose a red that has blue undertones.

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Think: your favourite Merlot. Burgundy shades work with most skin tones but work best on tawny-brunettes.

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Orangey Red

Think: the red blush on a peach. Olive-skinned women should look to wear  orange-based reds
Softer shades of coral or blush red look good on women with a medium complexion.

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